Able Learner Malaysia


Life Skills Programs

At Able Learner Center (ALC), we empower our students not only in academic excellence, but also in life skills that include critical thinking, interpersonal communication and character building. We emphasize full comprehension and application of learning that makes us unique.

ALC Life Skill Programs also incorporate environmental awareness, technology, literacy, leadership, community service and nation building and cross cultural study tours.

Acquiring these experience and skills will enable students to operate confidently, with high self-esteem and develop abilities to think and decide what they want to be, in order to act responsibly.

Our philosophy of education is simple – Students should master the basic learning tools – then use what they have learned. Our teaching and study methods emphasize application – because only in putting it to practical use, can one connect the value of knowledge acquired from education. This approach keeps our students continually evaluating new information in relation to the real world. Their education becomes something they build and own, not something pilled onto them. In the end, we want to see our students maintain their individuality, while being self-motivated, confident and active. We want to cultivate purposeful individuals who are capable of pursuing and reaching their chosen goals.